With Senate candidate Murray Sabrin

at the Young Americans for Liberty Conference

Sabrin and Tosone.jpg

with NJLP Chair Patrick Mcknight

McKnight and Tosone.JPG

with Gov. bill weld at cnn town hall

01 Tosone - CNN Libertarian Town Hall.JPG

with gov. gary johnson at cnn town hall

02 Tosone - CNN Libertarian Town Hall.JPG

being interviewed by wbgo public radio

WBGO Interview - Tosone.jpg

presenting on leadership at Simposium

SIMposium 2012 Tosone Knowledge Paviliion.jpg

presenting on the bill of rights

bbto the revolutionary war roundtable

JIm Bill of Rights Talk War Round Table.jpg

with eva moskowitz, ceo and founder

success academy charter schools

Eva Moskowitz and Jim Tosone.jpg

speaking on libertarian principles and policies

Tosone - Toastmasters.jpg