California Only allows Voters Two Choices in November

California's "Top Two" primary system has achieved one of its unstated objectives. No third-party or independent candidate will appear on the ballot in the November General election in the Governor, Lt. Governor, Senate, and 49 of the 53 House district contests. If there's one thing the two old parties agree on, it's that there should only be two parties when it counts.

Democrats Find Relief in California House Race Results

Reasons to "Neglect" Transit

"A strong case can be made that—with the possible exception of New York—American cities shouldn’t restore deteriorating rail transit systems and instead should shut them down as they wear out, and replace them with buses where demand for transit still exists." As a candidate, I will work to make sure that voters are aware of this approach to providing quality mass transit at an affordable price.

5 Reasons to "Neglect" Transit

Petitions Filed!

Earlier today, I filed my candidate petitions with the New Jersey Division of Elections in Trenton. Many thanks to the friends, neighbors, and colleagues who helped me exceed, by a large margin, the number of signatures I needed to qualify for the ballot. Looking forward to the campaign.

Seal of NJ.jpg

Protectionism vs. Cheap Beer

So far, nearly 200 companies have cited the adverse affects of Trump’s tariffs (or the tarriffs imposed in retaliation by foreign governments) in their calls to analysts. Adverse affects include laying off workers, the inability to increase wages, and the need to raise prices to consumers. While the Democratic and Republican parties have both turned protectionist (albeit for different reasons) only the Libertarian Party continues to stand up for the principles and values of free trade.

Protectionism vs. Cheap Beer

NJ Retirement System Modifies Investment Return Assumptions

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: "NJ State Treasurer Muoio announced plans to raise the investment return assumption for the state’s grossly underfunded state retirement system from 7.0 to 7.5 percent, which would likely exacerbate its funding shortfalls. Last year, the Public Employees’ Retirement System of New Jersey was just 36.8% funded and $48.9 billion in the red."

NJ Retirement System Modifies Investment Return Assumptions

Level the Playing Field for All Candidates

Ranked choice voting would help level the playing field for third-party and independent candidates. It would enable voters to vote for their true first choice, without the concern that doing so might tilt the election to the major party candidate they hate the most. There is nothing more frustrating for a third party candidate than to be told, “I’d vote for you if I thought you could win.” Ranked choice voting eliminates that obstacle. It should be implemented at both the Federal level and state level. Given that the largest number of voters are registered as Unaffiliated, and dissatisfaction with the two old parties is at an all time high, the time is now.

Ranked choice voting gains popularity