End the War in Afghanistan

The graveyard of empires. We can't impose a liberal, democratic government on a country unable/unwilling to accept it. Trillions of dollars spent. $43 billion continuing each year. $100B spent so far on building their infrastructure (double what our highway trust fund spends each year). I will work with Rep. Massie to bring our involvement to an end.

The Video: Stossel: Rep. Thomas Massie Says End the War in Afghanistan

What's Next? An Actual Food Fight?

Just received the latest attack mailer from one of the old-party candidates in the fifth congressional district. This one has a cartoon of his opponent with ice cream on his face. What is this, middle school? What’s next, an actual food fight? If you’re truly sick of the two old parties, they’ll never change as long as you keep voting for either of them. If you keep saying you’d like a third choice, you have one. Your move.

The Library of Congress Has selected My Website

The United States Library of Congress has selected this website for inclusion in the Library's historic collection of Internet materials related to the United States Election 2018. They wrote: "We consider your website to be an important part of this collection and the historical record." (They have a one year embargo, meaning that the site won’t be available in their archives until the end of 2019.) But please continue to visit the actual site.

Once Again the Media Ignores All But the Two Old Parties

Rather than speculate on why Ms. Wright failed to include me in her article, I will merely inform the registered voters in the fifth congressional district (42% of them registered Unaffiliated) that I am the Libertarian Party candidate for Congress. While the media continues to act as a free publicity machine for the two old parties, I will continue to work to get my message out. In the meantime, I challenge Ms. Wright to visit my website or interview me.

The Story: Behind the Ballot: Race for New Jersey's 5th Congressional District

My answer to Q5 of the League of Women Voters' Candidate Questionnaire

I filled out the League of Women Voters' Candidate Questionnaire. Here is my answer to Q5 (of 5):

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

To secure and improve elections, I will work to:
• Require that all electronic voting machines produce a paper receipt, which can then be verified by the voter and given to a poll worker
• Institute Ranked Choice Voting, which will ensure all elected candidates receive a majority (as opposed to a plurality) of the votes cast
• Eliminate election laws and regulations that disadvantage third-party and independent candidates (e.g., taxpayer-funded primaries and favored ballot position for the two major parties)