You can safely cast a vote for me

If I'm your first choice for Congress in NJ-5, or you want to send a message to the two old parties that they are failing to govern responsibly, you can safely cast a vote for me. You will not "tip" the election to the candidate you hate the most, since the latest polls show the gap between them much larger than the sampling error. Ironically, the only way to "waste" your vote is to vote for either of the old party candidates.

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5th District Congressional Debate

A good summary of what went on at the 5th District Congressional debate on Wednesday. I was happy that the reporter included the answers given by all candidates on the questions covered in the article. Many attendees felt I gave the clearest, most concise answers to questions while focusing on issues, not attacks. My one disappointment was that the reporter recorded video with each of the two old-party candidates before (after?) the forum, but did not see fit to give me the same opportunity.

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Endorsement Letter in the Bergen Record

Many thanks to Mark Richards, for his endorsement my candidacy, in his letter published in the October 14 print edition of the Bergen Record.

Vote Libertarian on Nov. 6

As I compose this letter, the elections are slightly over three weeks away and the back-and-forth between the major parties dominates the news. Once again people are given the choice of whether they want to give up their rights to the Republicans, who don’t like personal freedom and choice, or Democrats, who don’t like economic freedom and choice.

Both groups act as if they never heard of the Constitution, let alone understand it. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a party and candidates who consistently defend liberty on all issues without exception? Well, you do; the Libertarian Party is not “right “ or “left “ but is totally pro-individual-liberty on everything from starting up a business to letting you live your personal life as you see fit.

Our candidates this year are Ramapo College Professor Murray Sabrin for U.S. Senate, Jim Tosone for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District and locally Mike Chazukow running for Township Council here in West Milford. The Libertarian Party website is I would urge all voters to look at what we’re about and vote Libertarian on Election Day.

Mark Richards, West Milford, Oct. 12

End the War in Afghanistan

The graveyard of empires. We can't impose a liberal, democratic government on a country unable/unwilling to accept it. Trillions of dollars spent. $43 billion continuing each year. $100B spent so far on building their infrastructure (double what our highway trust fund spends each year). I will work with Rep. Massie to bring our involvement to an end.

The Video: Stossel: Rep. Thomas Massie Says End the War in Afghanistan

What's Next? An Actual Food Fight?

Just received the latest attack mailer from one of the old-party candidates in the fifth congressional district. This one has a cartoon of his opponent with ice cream on his face. What is this, middle school? What’s next, an actual food fight? If you’re truly sick of the two old parties, they’ll never change as long as you keep voting for either of them. If you keep saying you’d like a third choice, you have one. Your move.